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VIN plate

Vehicle info

Vehicle identification plates

Plate with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and paint code number

Open the front right-hand door.

You will see vehicle identification plate (1)

Vehicle identification plate illustration :

  • 1. Vehicle identification plate
  • 2. Vehicle manufacturer
  • 3. EU type approval number
  • 4. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • 5. Maximum permissible gross vehicle weight
  • 6. Permissible towing weight
  • 7. Maximum permissible front axle load
  • 8. Maximum permissible rear axle load
  • 9. Paint code

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

In addition to being stamped on the vehicle identification plate, the vehicle identification number (VIN) is also stamped onto the vehicle body. It is located under the right-hand seat in the second row of seats.

  • 1. Fold right seat forwards.
  • 2. Lift up carpet

You will see the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Engine number

The engine number is stamped on the crankcase.

More information can be obtained from any Mercedes-Benz Service Centre.

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